The history of English tourism on the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca, the eastern seaboard of Spain has around 115 miles of soft, sandy beaches against a backdrop of crystal blue skies, and warm, tempting Mediterranean!

When and where did our love with Spain start?

Contrary to popular belief, although mass tourism and package holidays are a fairly new thing, only making an appearance in the late 1950's, the British have had a strong presence in Spain, mainly for economic reasons, for centuries, and many of the country's railways, for example, were built by British engineers in the 19th century, as were many mines in both Asturias in the north, and the huge Rio Tinto open cast mines in Andalusia.

A prime example of this is the railway that goes from Algeciras next to Gibraltar, all the way to the beautiful hillside town of Ronda (below) and beyond, built by the British for officers in Gibraltar to escape the searing summer heat.

In the 20th century, Spain was seen as a very glamorous, mysterious and exciting destination for the wealthy foreign traveller and this can be seen in many of the books by Ernest Hemingway amongst other luminaries.

So what about tourism in Spain now?

Tourism still accounts for a very large percentage of Spain's national income, and each year several million embark on a weeks holiday in the sun, not just from the UK of course, but also Ireland, Holland, Germany, France and Scandinavia.

Many people still come here on cheap package deals, but they often miss out on the culture as they tend to stay only in the British focussed resorts, in British bars, watching British TV and eating British food. Perhaps that is why many people like it in Spain, but even more people are discovering a different Spain to what is in the travel brochures

Nowadays, especially with such luxuries as the internet, many people choose to put together their own package holiday, tailoring it exactly to what they need, where they want to go and their budget. The average holidaymaker now often books their flights with one of the low cost carriers such as EasyJet or Ryanair, and then once the flight times are confirmed, they can then book their hire car.

Once that is all done, often from the comfort of your own home, not a dank and dusty travel agency somewhere, then it is time to select the area that you want to book your holiday accommodation in, and the Costa Blanca has loads of choices as to where you can go, and of course Spain holiday have loads of great places to stay too!

So with all the details in place, what sort of accommodation you need would depend on your own situation. If you have kids, for example, then a beach side apartment in a family friendly resort like this example in Alicante.

Alternatively, and if money is not too much of a problem, this amazing luxury villa in Alicante region would do the job nicely. Just imagine your cold cocktail, your plate of tapas, and the view from the balcony out onto the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean sea.

Whatever type of holiday you are looking for this year, get in touch with us, we are sure to find exactly what you want for a great summer vacation here in Spain.

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