Property for sale in Spain and the Costa Blanca region

Fidalsa International Group offers any type of properties, both for permanent residence and also short-term holidays. Investing in a property in Spain is one of the most reliable investments of your funds. The rental income in Spain comes up to 10% per year, which is much more profitable than keeping your money in the bank. The real estate business in the Costa Blanca is always in demand for travelers and families. Spain attracts more than 2 million tourists a year only in the Alicante region. Fidalsa can easily find reliable tenants for your property.

Fidalsa International Group will ensure the security of all transactions and provide legal support. We will check the present conditions of the property from the moment of booking until the signing of the documents. Fidalsa guarantee properties without debts and tenants; verify all documentation with guarantees for the buyer. We prepare documents for the property, energy certificates, a certificate about the absence of debts, the last annual tax receipt and the transfer of all utilities to the new owner: water, light, gas, community charges; supporting the legal registration for the new owners; taxes on the transfer of the ownership, if the property is a secondary sale; delivery of documents for property registration in the real estate registry. Tracking the construction of houses during the construction phase, reporting & keeping up to date.

Properties in Spain, sales and rentals

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