Bare ownership

Bare ownership is the right that a person has over a property. However, when acquiring the bare ownership does not provide possession of it to the owner, as the usufruct belongs to another person.

Therefore, the owner will be the owner of the property, but will not be able to enjoy it, nor will be able to obtain economic benefits. And the rights of enjoyment and economic benefits of the property belong to the usufructuary.

The owner can enjoy the property, only until the usufruct has extinguished. It is possible to establish a fixed term or determine a lifetime usufruct, that is, until the death of the usufructuary. Once the time has come, you will have all the right to dispose of the property.


An advantage of this right is to be able to continue using the property forever. A legally guaranteed security with the maximum guarantees, registered correctly and with notarial deed. The money from the sale is received immediately, in a single payment.

If the usufructuary does not wish to continue living in the house, he/she may rent the house and obtain that rent in full. The lease is terminated at the time of the death of the usufructuary. Even the usufructuary can sell the usufruct to a third person and obtain another income. With this sale, the expenses will also be lower for the seller, since he/she would only pay the corresponding consumptions of the property (water, electricity, gas), while the investor would take care of the IBI and extra expenses of the property.

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